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Charlotte Kaae

Knit Designer, author and teacher

Charlotte Kaaes colorful personality shines clearly through in her knitting. The exuberant and colorful style, with playful patterns stand out from the sober, Scandinavian fashion image. Her inspiration comes from southern colors, Japanese manga art, future trends, as well as Goethe and Itten’s theory of color.

Charlotte has knitted since she was five years old, so she put it mildly, an experienced knitter. The lack of recipes that suited her own style, inspired Charlotte to start making her own designs. She loves to play with colors and do what many others do not dare. There is also room for the quieter knit design in Charlotte’s repertoire – but they always have a twist, so you know that it is a By Kaae creation.

  • 2007 – starts the knitting blog Knitting By Kaae. Since then, she has added author, knitting designer, workshop teacher, color consultant, lecturer and especially full-time blogger to the talents.
    Check out Charlottes blog
  • 2011 – Founder By Kaae, where she designs knitting patterns, publishes books, teaches, lectures, blogs and interact with followers on the social medias.
    Check out bykaae,dk here
  • 2011 – Publishes, “Spicy Knitting – Scandinavian knit meets Bollywood”. A tribute to traditional multicolor knit, Scandinavian culture and the beautiful Indian Bollywood movies. 48 pages with 10 recipes flowing with wonderful colors, sparkles and glitter. The publication received great reviews and has been so successful that Charlotte is working on a re-release with new colors and patterns in english.
  • 2013 – Publisher, “Thingies – Something you can knit.” 10 recipes including multi colored mitts with magic yarn, hat and scarf in “arts yarn”, wrist warmers and neck tube in wicker knitting, graphic tapestry-west, a delicious hot bolero shawl in intarsia knit and more.
  • 2013 – Co-author of the book, “Many Masks,” published by Christensen & Co. The book contains 24 recipes from some of the leading knitting designers. Charlotte contributed a graphic Gobelins jumper in intarsia knit. The jumpers gave Charlotte the idea for her next release, “Knit & Paint”.
  • 2015 – Publishes “Knit & Paint- Graphichal Intarsia Knitting” in cooperation with epublis. 10 colorful recipes for children in size. 2-8 years. Knit & Paint adjoins a common process where you along with the child colorize diagrams in the colors you want – or put the diagram on pegboards. All is worked in straight graphic lines.
  • 2017 – Publishes “Knit & Paint – Graphichal Intarsia Knitting” as a digital edition in collaboration with epublis. The e-book provides the reader with its very own user profile with access to a web version of the book that works across computers, tablets and smartphones. The release is packed with interactive features – including the possibility to color charts directly in the book as well as tools that make it easy to follow recipes.
Charlotte Kaae also involved in several charities. Recently, in collaboration with Save the Children and Woolspire where she designed a delicious shawl, 100 dkr. of each sale will go to Save the Children.
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