We meet your needs as a retailer

epublis want to meet your needs as a retailer as possible.

When selling e-books you will receive a link to use in your webshop, where the transaction goes directly via epublis and billed by every unit sold.

You avoid transaction fees, availability, etc. We take care of settling units sold each month and transfer your share of sales directly to your account or by invoice, depending on the agreement.

E-books are always sold at suggested retail price, where you get 32% commission of the sale.

The advantage of e-books is that you have neither stock or in burns in with copies not being sold. We take care of settling units sold and transfer the money to your account by appointment.

Your customers will receive username and password for the book where they can access the e-book directly on their computer, tablet or smartphone. The e-book gives your customers additional access to video courses, webinars and in some cases online chat with the author. All recipes in the e-book can be downloaded individually as pdf, printed out or saved.

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